Recovering perfectionist. Nature hedonist. Lover of words. Joyful.

I had a second appt with a professional this week who offered their unsolicited opinion that perhaps we should have our kids in public school.

Maybe it was just a coincidence.

Or maybe, there is still an ongoing stigma that homeschool kids are “disadvantaged.” Or “unsocialized.” Or, “weird.” …

I Hear the Ocean

The earth is speaking and she is loud.

We are speaking and we are louder.

That which is loudest is what we hear and we like our own noise most.

So much racket. The city screams. The highways roar. The mowers, the horns, the devices blasting…

I’m sitting curled up on a porch. It isn’t my porch. But in this moment I feel ownership of it. There is the sound of waves crashing four blocks west of where I am cuddled. The fog is thick enough to coat all things with a chilly mist. And the…

There is a thing that happens to me if I live too long with my guard up. My defenses, once meant to protect and keep me safe, become weapons. The armor around me, no long necessary because the threat has passed, becomes brittle and sharp.

I become brittle and sharp.

She said, “No, you should actually do this.” Many had said it before. It produced pride, but not a flame. However, something about her words this time created a spark.

I don’t know why this time there was a fire. A little burning bush in the desert moment for me…

In general, keeping score in marriage is a thing of detriment and leads nowhere good. Unless of course, you find yourself mentally keeping tabs on all of the ways your partner is doing their best to say “you matter to me.”

This picture was taken moments before Husband spent 45…

It’s 7:08 and they’re still not awake.

What does a mom do with her freedom to choose?

Clean up?

Read some more?

Bake muffins?

Or prep?

Savor the moments they have slept in? #blessed

Maybe, perhaps she just sits still.


Remembering before morning routines she was made Girl and…

Me: I’m just so tired.
Husband: Go lay down.
Me: Ughhhhhh that works for YOU. But not me.

And here is why- my “so tired” almost always comes from a brain that won’t shut down. Not a sleepy sort of weary. Conventional wisdom, telling me to “lay down and rest”…

The Dalai Lama says, “Sadly, many of the things that undermine our joy and happiness we create ourselves…the suffering from a natural disaster we cannot control, but the suffering from our daily disasters we can.”

I read these words, then asked myself this morning: what daily disasters am I engaging…

There are somethings you grow to love, simply because of repetition. You love it because it is constant. Familiar. Safe.

This tree? The pine in the background- it’s what I stare at each morning as I drink my coffee. It is literally, just a big tree. Like, from the first…

Angela Honeycutt

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